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Ξ Linha Horizontal #2, 2018

Ξ Performance view (detail)
Ξ De 3 Metros Interrompida Pela Ausência Do Autor, by Paulo Mendes
Ξ College of Arts Gallery, Coimbra University
Ξ From the exhibition Uma Loja, Cinco Casas, Uma Escola
Ξ Curated by José Fonte Santa
Ξ April 13, 2018, 6 p.m - Jun 8, 2018, 6 p.m

Ξ This photo was cover in the Magazine: STUDIO - Artists on Other Works
Center for Research and Studies in Fine Arts (CIEBA), Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon.
Volume 10, Number 27, July – September 2019.
ISSN 1647-6158, e-ISSN 1647-7316
International journal with a scientific committee and peer review (double-blind review system).

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Web site consulted August 15, 2019

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Uma Loja, Cinco Casas, Uma Escola brought together works by Alice Geirinhas, Alexandre Estrela, Andrea Brandão, António Caramelo, António Olaio, Cecília Corujo, Eduardo Matos, Fernando Ribeiro, Inez Teixeira, Isabel Carvalho, Isabel Ribeiro, João Fonte Santa, Luis Alegre, Mafalda Santos, Margarida Dias Coelho, Maria Condado, Miguel Palma, Nuno Ramalho, Paulo Mendes, Pedro Amaral, Pedro Bernardo, Pedro Cabral Santo, Pedro Pousada, Renato Ferrão, Sara & André, Susana Borges, Susana Gaudêncio e Xavier Almeida


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